Green Spaces

The parish council owns and manages a number of green spaces and play areas which are inspected monthly by a qualified routine inspector and annually by a RoSPA qualified inspector.

The annual reports can be seen here:

caldy valley play area chester (2021-07-01 09-50) (1)

queens road play area chester (2021-07-01 10-49) (2)

thackery drive play area chester (2021-07-01 10-30) (1)

vaughans lane play area chester (2021-07-01 10-07) (1)

If residents see defects or damage at any of the green spaces or play areas, they are asked to report them to the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Old Laundry Corner – Heath Lane/Becketts Lane

Vaughans Lane play area

Queens Road woodland and play area

Josh’s Jumps @ Queens Road – bike ramps

Thackeray Drive sports field and play area

Dulverton Avenue Dog Field

Caldy Valley Pocket Park and play area

Pearl Lane Allotments