Great Boughton Parish Council sets its precept for 2022/23

Great Boughton Parish Council, like all other town and parish councils at this time of year, has met and agreed the level of local tax that it will request from Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council.   At the Parish Council meeting on 17th January, the councillors agreed that the annual precept needed would be £83,500 which represents an increase of £1.19 per year for a Band D property in the area.

Great Boughton parish includes Vicars Cross, part of Caldy Valley and Boughton Heath and has a population of over 8300.  There are six green spaces:

  • Caldy Valley Meadow (adjoining the Church and Neighbourhood Centre).  There is also a small play area at this site and a car park.
  • Old Laundry Corner, Becketts Lane.
  • Vaughans Lane play ground
  • Queens Road field, which includes a multi-use games area (basketball etc), Josh’s Jumps bike ramps, a traditional play ground and a woodland walk.  There are improvements being made to this area with new play equipment, basketball and football markings on the games area and improvements to the pathways which should be complete by the end of March 2022.
  • Thackeray Drive sports field, the tennis court and basketball court and the play area.  The parish council have worked with Mersey Forests and Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council in 2021 to plant a community orchard at this site with fruit trees and bushes.
  • Dulverton Ave field

The parish council also owns and manages Pearl Lane Allotments and Vicars Cross Community Centre and supports and co-manages Caldy Valley Neighbourhood Centre.   The council is a consultee on planning applications in the area, co-ordinates Great Boughton in Bloom every year and supports residents with information and deals with local queries/problems.  A part time Clerk/Finance Officer is employed to support the council and carry out decisions made by the Council (this is a legal requirement).

Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Martin Whiteley said “the parish council are very aware that the last year has been difficult financially for many and have worked hard to ensure that the rise in the precept this year is a modest one of a little more than 2p per week for Band D residents and will be less than that for many.  The parish council has three major projects which we are hoping to finance this year:

  1. A Heritage Project researching and sharing the history of our parish open spaces
  2. Improvements to the play area at Caldy Valley Neighbourhood Centre, making it more accessible and visible
  3. Adult gym equipment at one of the green spaces for the use of local residents

For information about Great Boughton Parish Council, contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on 07709512348 or

Finance documents:


Every year, the parish council has its annual accounts audited both locally and by a government appointed auditor.  The accounts for the year ended 31st March 2020 are below along with the local independent auditor’s report.

The accounts are available for inspection by contacting the Clerk.

March 21 End of yr Rpt

Independent Examination Report 2021

Government Audit 2021 (AGAR)

Government Audit Figures



Independent Examination Report 2021

End of Year Finance Rpt MRCH 2022