The History of Great Boughton Parish Council.

We hope that the following information; will be of interest.
The Council was founded in 1894 and you can read all about its earlier days in our published Parish History written by local historian, Cecil Wright.

In 1994, the Parish Council at the time, enacted the first Parish Meeting held on December 8th 1894 chaired by Hugh Atkinson. Remarkably, 100 years later, it was Pam Atkinson in the Chair!!

It is ironic that issues raised over a century ago are still causes for concern today – speed of traffic, lack of facilities for young children; and the hazards of the canal.

You can still buy a copy of the ‘Parish History’ illustrated throughout, at the price of £10 per copy. Please see the Parish Clerk if you would like to buy a copy – ideal birthday or Christmas present!