Welcome to the Great Boughton Parish Council website.

Great Boughton (pronounced Baw-tun) was a township in St. Oswald’s ancient parish, Broxton hundred (SJ 4266), which became a civil parish in 1866. It includes the hamlets of Boughton Heath, Butterbache (part), Piper’s Ash (part), Tarvin Bridge and Vicars Cross (part only until 2015). The population was 544 in 1801, 1164 in 1851, 1034 in 1901, 3164 in 1951, and 8682 in 2001.
It is ironic that issues raised over a century ago are still causes for concern today – speed of traffic, lack of facilities for young children; and the hazards of the canal.

Today, the parish council is made up of 15 local volunteers who give up their time and energy to make the areas of Boughton Heath, Vicars Cross and part of Caldy Valley, a pleasanter place to live.    The council owns and manages Vicars Cross Community Centre,

Queens Road Field,  Pearl Lane Allotments, Thackeray Drive Field and play area, Vaughans Lane play area and Old Laundry Corner on Heath Lane.  It also has a part in managing the Caldy Valley Neighbourhood Centre, having been a major funding partner when it was built in the early 1980’s.



Staying at Home:
People will stay at home. The only exceptions will be:

· shopping for essential food and medicine, as infrequently as possible
· one form of exercise a day will be allowed but not in groups
· travelling to support a medical need or to provide care or help a vulnerable person
· travelling to and from essential work, but only where absolutely necessary and where working from home is not possible.

Gatherings will not take place, except for funerals, and shops providing non-essential goods will be closed. Libraries, playgrounds, and places of worship will be closed, and all social events will be cancelled. Enforcement action by the Police and other agencies will be taken if necessary. This is not advice or guidance but a set of rules that we will all be expected to follow. These changes will be reviewed by Government in three weeks but may continue for a longer period depending on their impact.


Support for families in financial difficulty:
Teams are working to support families that are facing financial distress because of the Coronavirus outbreak. If you know anyone who would find the following support useful please let them know.

· People can email the Work Zones for employment advice and support: skillsandemployment@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk.
· Anyone worried about paying their Council Tax should get in touch by email for confidential support: counciltax@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk.
· The Council’s Help in Emergencies for Local People (HELP) team can provide assistance with food or fuel for vulnerable people in crisis – Get Help Online.



Watch out for virus scammers:
It’s a very sad fact that there are people who take advantage of others in these very difficult times. There have been some reports, nationally, of people visiting homes posing as police officers and health officials.

Some reports suggest that scammers are even promising fake coronavirus tests or offering to deliver shopping and other essentials in exchange for money to assist those who are self-isolating. Although there are not yet local reports (correct as of 20.3.20) of any incidents like these, I would urge you to read the Police’s media release which gives key advice. Please share anything relevant with your customers, as well as taking steps to protect yourself and loved ones.

Public Transport
Bus timetables change from Monday 23 March

In light of the Government’s latest advice and recommendations, as well as planned school closures, the frequency of some local bus services will be reduced and kept under review to ensure they are being delivered to best effect where they are needed most.
Bus services will still be operating on key routes to ensure communities can continue to access critical services.
The Council has lifted the timing restrictions on travel for concessionary bus pass holders before 9.30am, so that passes can be used all day Monday to Friday in addition to weekends. This change will help to support vulnerable members of the community to get food and essential supplies during the early morning protected shopping hours. This change will start from Monday 23 March and applies to bus travel only within the borough.
Park and Ride services will be running a Saturday timetable From Monday 23 March. Buses will run from 8am to 7pm on all days except Sundays when the Sunday timetable will continue to apply.


All parish council meetings have been suspended to ensure the safety of councillors, staff and the public.  If you would like more information on the work of the council, please contact the Clerk in the first instance. 

Our latest parish newsletter is here  Newsletter SPRING 20v2.doc

You can also find it in the centre pages of the Vicars Cross Voice or the Huntington/Boughton Handbooks and on our notice boards and facebook page.